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Christians Cooperate For Humanitarian activities.

The church committee of St. Joseph Church Sampan in Nº 3 village, Po Ban commune, Koh Thom district along with all about 150 Christians arranged a programme of distribution of gifts to 80 families in the presence of Bishop Olivier and Mrs. Oeur Muoy, a representative of the Red Cross as well Mr. Sam Menghor ,Po Ban commune leader on February 9, 2014.

Sister Ly Han, the coordinator of this programme said, “Because I saw clearly the difficulties of people here, Cambodian and Vietnamese, I ask wealthy Christians abroad to help. I am very happy that the Church can help the hungry and show there is no discrimination between Cambodian and Vietnamese. We can live happily together.”

Grandmother HeangYat, a Cambodia resident who came to receive the gifts said, “I am delighted that people here show friendship and love and have helped to relieve worries with these gifts. This gives me hope to live on and relief to know that people do not abandon me because I am poor.”

Mrs. Oeur Muoy, a permanent committee member of committee sub-branch of the Red Cross in Koh Thom district said, “I feel very happy because when people are experiencing shortages and generous people come to help, this is also a clear sign that whether Cambodian or Vietnamese, happy or sad, our response is free of discrimination.”

The gifts, personal implements and milled rice, were provided from the US 3,500 donated by a Vietnamese Christian. They were given to 80 poor families and another 102 families during Chinese-Vietnamese lunar year celebrations.