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Church in Cambodia come together to Pray for the World Peace

about 100 Christians came together to pray for World Peace led by Bishop Olivier Schmitthaeusler at St. Joseph’s Parish in Phsar Touch. They prayed specifically for Syria, which is currently facing serious crisis in the country. The Holy Father, Pope Francis has expressed concern over the situation in Syria and has implored all people of good will to come together and pray for peace and love in the world.

Bishop Olivier said that, this prayer gathering was important and is of great significance to everyone. On that day all the faithful joined Pope Francis and all Christians in the world praying for Syria. The group also prayed for Christians in countries where they are persecuted and live in great fear.

In a letter to all Catholics, Pope Francis invited all in the world to pray for Syria. He asked for charity and support to help those in need by providing food and safety.

He called on Syria to stop the violence and atrocities. He pointed out that prayer is needed for all those countries facing similar crisis and try to find a solution by working together with belief in God asking Him to bless everyone so that peace and harmony will prevail in everyone’s heart. This special prayer took place on 7th September, 2013..

During the prayer gathering, the prayer leader also invited all to pray for Cambodia in the wake of the crisis related to the National Election that was held on July 28th 2013. Bishop Olivier emphasized that, though the community cannot do much practically, it can however spend its time in prayer asking God for His blessings upon the government authorities to lead the country with love, peace and justice.