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Pchum Ben Festival at Bokor mountain

Kampot: The pastoral sector in Kampot-Kep held a ceremony in memory of the departed during the traditional Khmer Pchum Ben festival at the old Cathedral site in the resort of the Bokor Mountain. Some 200 Catholics attended the ceremony on 19 September 2017.

The Catholic Church in Cambodia was given permission by the Holy See to celebrate the event on the occasion of the Pchum Ben festival for the departed  in the traditional Khmer style. The event falls on 01, November every year, which coincides with the Catholic Church calendar worldwide.

In his homily, Fr. Tavola Gianluca, the priest in charge of the sector said: “This festival is the day when we remember the departed. We have to be always prepared because we do not know when God will call us to Him. So we have to be vigilant always and keep the light of love burning.”

“Our brothers and sisters who had passed away make us know that at present they are very joyful because heaven is likened to a happily party. So, we hope the departed are enjoying the joy from God. We have to pray and ask God that He receives our brothers and sisters who left the world for His Kingdom,” the priest continued.

The parish priest also emphasised: “We are lucky to celebrate the feast at the Cathedral because last year our brothers and sisters came to perform the ritual here. Today when you pray for your ancestors, please take a look at the image of Jesus showing His mercy and love of God. May God receive our  prayers, our wishes for the good of our departed ancestors.”

After Holy Mass concluded, the priest told the worshippers to take all the offerings and collections to the Cathedral and offer them to God. The faithful then took the offerings of food for a fellowship meal together in a pleasant atmosphere.